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The CUBS Advantage

Community Utility Billing Services (CUBS) partners with property owners and managers in the multi-family industry by providing savings and service performance solutions built around a cutting-edge utility cost recovery program. Our service level has earned our partners' trust by delivering high quality, timely and accurate billing ultimately increasing your NOI and enhancing your property's value

Why Partner with Us?

  • Extensive Industry Experience - We know how your business operates, the complexities of property management and the challenges of resident retention
  • Comprehensive Customer Support - We partner with you and provide the necessary resources for your team and your residents. The CUBS "tools" include thorough training, a knowledgeable customer service staff, and extensive self-service capabilities
  • Conservation Techniques - We stay current on local utility rate increases, trends in state and regional regulations, and the challenges of the local multifamily environment
  • Resident Satisfaction - Your residents are our customers too. We value their opinion and business
  • Increased NOI - Accurate billing of your utilities directly affects your Net Operating Income
  • Commitment - We look forward to a long term partnership with your community